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The Advantages Of A Dental Crown For Teeth With Cracks Or Breaks


A dental crown is a common dental restoration that can be used for various reasons, such as to cover a dental implant, support a tooth that has had a large. It can be created by the dental labs NYC. One of the most common uses for dental crowns is to protect teeth that are cracked or broken.

This blog will explore the advantages of dental crowns for teeth with cracks or breaks and how to find reputable “dental crown labs near me.

Advantages of Dental Crowns

Protection from Further Damage

The primary advantage of dental crowns for cracked or broken teeth is that they protect the tooth from further damage. When a tooth is cracked or broken, it is more vulnerable to decay, infection, and further damage. A dental crown covers the entire tooth, protecting it from bacteria and decay and preventing further damage to the tooth.

Restores the Natural Look and Function of the Tooth

Another advantage of dental crowns is that they restore the natural look and function of the tooth. When a tooth is cracked or broken, it can be unsightly and affect the way you speak and chew.

Provides a Long-Lasting Solution

Dental crowns provide a long-lasting solution to cracked or broken teeth. A  dental crown can last up to 15 years, providing a durable and effective solution for damaged teeth with proper care.

Strengthens the Tooth

Dental crowns also strengthen the tooth and provide additional support to the damaged tooth structure. This is especially important for teeth that have undergone root canal treatment, as they are more prone to fractures and can benefit from the added strength provided by a dental crown. With the added support of a crown, the tooth is less likely to break or become damaged in the future.

Improves Bite and Chewing Ability

Dental crowns can also improve your ability to bite and chew. When a tooth is cracked or broken, it can be painful to bite down or chew, and may even cause discomfort when eating. A dental crown can help to restore the natural biting surface of the tooth, allowing you to chew food without pain or discomfort. This can improve your overall oral health by ensuring that you are able to properly chew and digest your food.

The Dental Crown Procedure

Consultation and Preparation

The first step in getting a dental crown is to consult with your dentist. If a crown is recommended, your dentist will prepare the tooth by removing any damage or decay & shaping the tooth to accommodate the crown.

Placement of the Crown

After the tooth is prepared, your dentist will take an impression of your tooth & send it to a dental lab to create the crown. When you are waiting for the permanent crown to be created, your dentist will place a temporary crown to protect the tooth. Once the permanent crown is ready, your dentist will remove the temporary crown & place the permanent crown using dental cement.

Finding a Dental Crown Lab Near You

Finding a reputable dental lab is essential to ensuring that your dental crown is of high quality and lasts as long as possible. A quality dental crown lab will use high-quality materials and employ skilled technicians to create your crown. Using a subpar dental lab may result in a poorly fitting crown, which can lead to further dental problems.

If you’re in NYC and looking for a quality dental labs NYC, there are some tips to remember. First, ask your dentist for recommendations. Your dentist will likely have experience working with various dental labs and can provide recommendations based on their past experiences. Additionally, do your own research by reading reviews online and checking the credentials of the dental lab. Look for labs that use high-quality materials and employ skilled technicians with experience in creating dental crowns.


Dental crowns offer many advantages for teeth that are cracked or broken, including protection from further damage, restoration of the natural look and function of the tooth, and a long-lasting solution. By following these tips and seeking treatment from a reputable dental lab, you can ensure that your dental crown is of the highest quality and provides long-lasting results.

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