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How Soberlink Comes Handy In Calculating The BAC?

A few hours have passed since your previous alcoholic beverage. You don’t feel any discomfort, but are you making sound decisions?

When used properly, breathalyzers in the comfort of one’s own home can be an excellent safety precaution against drunk driving, much like the ones used by law enforcement at traffic stops. These gadgets function similarly to an alcohol breath test by analyzing your breath for traces of alcohol to calculate your BAC (BAC).

Alcohol Monitoring Online

Although random drug testing to monitor alcohol consumption may strike fear into the hearts of the newly sober, it is hardly a prescription for peace of mind during the recovery process. Soberlink is here to make things easier by advocating for regular testing with real-deal BAC tracking. Contrary to popular belief, this device is not a breathalyzer. There is now an FDA-approved, portable breathalyzer on the market. A handheld device that uses facial recognition software and a BAC detector but has no intention of issuing driving under the influence tickets. 

As soon as a user breaths through Soberlink, their BAC and accompanying “glam shot” or “sober selfie” are recorded and stored in the cloud. The system can be set up to notify a specific group of people by email or text message when a certain blood alcohol concentration has been attained. In that case, they can rest assured that their client or loved one is completely sober. They know to inquire as to the status of their test results if they do not arrive.

How Soberlink Work?

Soberlink is typically used by treatment specialists to monitor a client’s progress following rehabilitation. As a result, most people undergoing exhale patrol have the results of their tests communicated to an addiction specialist. These trained professionals are experts in the system and are able to activate their client and determine an appropriate testing (breathing) schedule.

The Share Program is Soberlink’s most popular service because it gives people in recovery the chance to buy the product and collaborate with the company on their own. You’ve heard the old adage, “Money can’t buy happiness,” but it can buy a high-tech device to help control an alcoholic’s behavior.

Calculate your BAC

It should go without saying that in no circumstance is it acceptable to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. But you can still get behind the wheel of a car a couple of hours after drinking, if you limit yourself to one drink with dinner or leave the party early if you’ve had a few. Read soberlink reviews here.

A breathalyzer is a simple way to get an objective reading on your sobriety before getting behind the wheel. Within 30 seconds, a trustworthy device can inform you if your BAC is as low as you think it is or if you should go home and sober up.

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